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How To Get Rid of Annoying Belly Fat After Childbirth

How To Get Rid of Annoying Belly Fat After Childbirth

Thinking about how to get rid of belly fat after childbirth? Don’t stress. Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts in the world and gaining weight is necessary to provide mom and baby everything they need to be healthy and happy throughout the pregnancy and for the early months of life.

But yes, having belly fat could be annoying, I know. It seems so easy to put it on, yet when it comes time to take it off, it can prove both daunting and challenging at the same time.

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This issue isn’t a new one and with the amount of info available online today, there are lots of ideas and suggestions worth exploring. Moms everywhere are having success with regaining their pre-body healthy physiques and they are sharing their stories via online support groups, forums and articles alike. (For the new moms out there concerned with losing the post-pregnancy body fat, there’s hope!)

There’s a lot of reasons that we have the tendency to gain a fair bit of weight around the midsection during pregnancy. A few of these reasons are listed below.

Remember it took 9 to 10 months to gain all the weight, don’t expect it to come off overnight. Take it one day at a time. Make the best choices each day and you’ll get closer to the goal by default. Below are some useful tips which can get you started right on this journey.

A few reasons for gaining fat around your belly

  • Genetics

There are belly fat genes? Hereditary qualities of individuals are vary, and when it comes to storing fat, it plays a huge role. One can easily attribute the reason why some people have bigger tummy to genetics.

  • Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you pick up fat around your belly for two reasons; the first reason is that, in order for the body to accommodate baby, skin has to stretch and the other reason is for the baby to be padded and secured.

  • Eating Inappropriate foods

Eating too much of the wrong type of foods can add to your tummy fat particularly if you have a tendency for a lot of sugary treats and other junk foods. If this sounds like you, try to be more mindful with your food choices, opting for more vegetables and fruit along with healthy fats and lean proteins – the Zone Diet is a great resource to start with in helping you maintain a balanced diet.

  • Stress

Stress can cause weight gain, big time! Many of us find ourselves in some state of stress all the time, which means our body’s are flooded with high levels of cortisol. And if we aren’t regulating and managing our day to day stress, we can see negative effects like weight gain around the mid-section start (and continue) to occur.

  • Hormones

Hormones have a big influence on our weight. Oestrogen, the female hormone, can make you put on weight amid pregnancy, fat is stored around your thighs and belly, in preparation for breastfeeding. Having a keen respect and knowledge of the influence of hormones on our health, is a great place to start.

OESTROGEN is a powerful female sex hormone that regulates many aspects of our lives. Initially it makes girls develop into women at puberty by stimulating breast growth, laying down fatty deposits, thickening the vagina and causing it to secrete mucous. It affects how our skin looks, whether our bones are strong and healthy and it can protect us against heart disease. It also regulates our menstrual cycle. At the beginning of our cycle about 30 egg follicles will start to ripen and produce oestrogen. When levels of oestrogen in the blood are highest the hypothalamus in the brain release hormones that make a follicle release an egg, therefore if you are not producing enough oestrogen you will not ovulate. It is produced by the ovaries and naturally declines after the woman goes through the menopause.

A Step by Step Guide to Lose Your Belly Fat after Childbirth

Step 1: Aerobic Exercise

Start to ease in to engaging in aerobic activities. Striving to achieve and maintain 10,000 steps a day is a great place to start on your mommy and me epic stroller journeys. This can help you burn 100’s of calories each day, and start to accelerate your body’s ability to burn fat. And of course, when you start to feel more yourself, and your body is feeling up to the task, start to increase the intensity with walk-jog-run intervals on your daily outdoor adventures. Just make sure to have a quality running stroller to ensure safety for you and baby.

Step 2: Glute Bridges for the core and butt!

This exercise is done, with your back against the floor with your feet planted and knees bent. Breathe in and raise your pelvis towards the roof gradually as you breathe out. Ensure your shoulder and upper back touch the floor all through the workout; Move only your pelvis. Come back to the beginning position and repeat this exercise for 3 to 5 sets of 45 seconds on, 45 seconds off.

Step 3: Strengthen your core

Yoga and Pilates are brilliant choices when you are looking for a way to strengthen your core muscles. This will assist in returning your body to balance and allow you to strengthen your body to handle more intensity in your workouts and everyday life. Strong core means less chance of injury and a greater ability to push yourself during workouts — which in turn will assist with your ability to burn more fat during your workouts!

Step 4: Breastfeeding

If you aren’t breastfeeding your baby, start doing it. Breastfeeding mothers burn more calories in a day than mothers who use feeding bottles. Of course, ensure that you are still getting adequate calories each day because breastfeeding mothers need the extra food for milk production — causing upwards of an extra 500 calories per day being used!

Step 5: Do not skip meals

Ensure that you’re always getting adequate amounts of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and lean proteins. Starving yourself doesn’t do yourself or your baby any good! Don’t skip meals – especially if you are breastfeeding! Skipping meals can actually increase the likelihood of preserving fat on your body while also slowing your metabolism – a double whammy if trying to release the extra tummy fat, right?

Step 6: Spice up your meals

Spices enhance your taste and also do a great work in eliminating your belly fat, addition of spices like turmeric, cinnamon, long pepper, and pepper helps in preventing fat accumulation and enhancing digestion in the body.

Step 7: Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water daily. When your body is hydrated, your skin becomes more flexible, also helps in weight release as your metabolism is optimized in conjunction with a healthy diet after child birth. Don’t forget if you are breastfeeding increase your daily intake from a minimum of 2 liters of water a day, closer to 3 liters.

Step 8: Stay away from empty calories

Stay away from empty calories such as candies, cookies, soda, chips and chocolates. IF you are wondering, ‘How Sugar Makes Me Fat?’, be sure to watch the scene below:

Step 9: Try green tea

Green tea is a decent choice for losing your belly fat as it’s widely known to help burning fat. Above all it has antioxidants that shield cells from free radicals and furthermore support metabolism which facilitate weight release. Drinking green tea after a workout will definitely boost you fat burning machine and help reduce some of your belly fat.

Step 10: Get a massage

Lastly, massage can be exceptionally valuable in eliminating your fat. A massage tends to focus on the specific cellulite loaded territory which needs some attention and TLC. Massage can be most advantageous when done post-exercise.


Getting back in shape after childbirth can be so daunting, but with a positive attitude and determination, there’s no doubt you can return to pre-baby health and well-being.

The above mentioned steps are suggestions which have some validity, but always consult with a physician (especially if you have had a C-section) before you try anything new or outside of your ‘norm’. Do your due diligence, connect with other mothers who are on a similar journey so you can share success tips, tricks, hacks and information that works. Don’t be afraid to take pictures of yourself on this journey, as there will be days where you may feel like your progress has stalled – in those moments take out the pictures and remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Don’t lose hope, you’ve got this!

Have any other suggestions or tips that have worked for you? Feel free to comment below.

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Thinking about how to get rid of belly fat after childbirth? Don’t stress. Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts in the world and gaining weight is necessary to provide mom and baby everything they need to be healthy and happy throughout the pregnancy and for the early months of life. But yes, …

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