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Star Report: Who Flunked Midterms and Who’s in Good Shape for the Second Half

Star Report: Who Flunked Midterms and Who’s in Good Shape for the Second Half

Week 6 is often the point in the season when the tide starts to turn — a few people start to break out from the pack, while others get left behind. This year’s midterm challenges brought those results once again, and we’re here to break down the what’s, why’s and how’s right here. Join us for an insider’s recap.

Food Network StarLeave it to Jason to bring the bourbon — and bacon. As usual his presentation was fun, though the mentors critiqued his crutch sayings, like “Lord, honey.” When it comes to his bourbon-spiked potato dish, Bobby and Giada liked it but didn’t love it. There was a lot going on, they said.

Food Network StarSo, who do we think is the “one person” that David should be talking to? Is it me? You? Hmm.

Food Network StarNot quite sure what’s going on, but it’s definitely worthy of an instant replay. OK. Moving on now.

Food Network StarHuh, so Jason’s advice. We’re sure there’s a time and place for that, but this probably isn’t it. Still, LOL.

Food Network StarMatthew gets a pretty serious talking to from the mentors, and in one split second, it’s as if someone has popped his balloon. He’s instantly deflated, but it’s good that he heard their feedback, because that gives him the best chance for growth.

Food Network StarOh, Amy. This isn’t your first day in the competition. You know that stories are important here, so it doesn’t make sense to serve a dish that you can’t (or won’t) connect with. Even if it does taste great. Especially when you could have chosen any theme you wanted.

Food Network StarThis guy made the cutest lil garden offering we’ve ever seen. Bonus: Bobby, Giada and Tiffani said it was flavorful. What a great week for Rusty.

Food Network StarWe don’t doubt that Addie was excited to be here, but the thing is, she couldn’t show that on camera. For weeks, she’s been told that she needs to bring the excitement, fun and passion to her demos, but time and time again she failed to deliver. And this week, those shortcomings ultimately cost her the competition.

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We’re looking back on the highs and lows of Episode 6 of Food Network Star, Season 13.

Maria RussoFood Network FeedJuly 11, 2017